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Dear Readers

So this is going to be interesting... I'm pregnant! (Again. That is my kid in the pic, not a random I borrowed). But you came here to find out how this affects book releases so lets skip past the hilarious stories of morning sickness and falling asleep on my keyboard, and get right to the point here.

Yes. This will affect my releases for the next year.

I would love to lie to you and say that it won't, that my writing will be totally unaffected! But one thing I have learned in the last three months, was that nothing could prepare me for how DAMN TIRED I would be trying to raise a toddling hellion, write books to meet deadlines AND grow another small human. All I want to do... is sleep. All the time. But I can't.

So, I have been pushing through, pretending like nothing had changed because surely it's mind over matter, right? Surely if I just tried a little harder, I could make it all work. Right?


Instead, I have managed to give myself what could turn out to be a serious side-effect of stress and anxiety which I am now needing to get tested in the hospital for. Hopefully it's nothing! Take a chill pill, stop trying to be Wonder Woman, and it'll all be okay. Hopefully.

In the meantime, it has given me a little clarity on what I'm doing to myself, to my family and to my future. Here is what I learned.

1. I don't want to be a one hit wonder. I want this to be my full time career until I am old and grey, which means pacing myself and not fucking burning out before I even hit my one year anniversary of publishing.

2. Family comes first. Always. ALWAYS. Amidst all of the pressure I was putting myself under to complete books FAST, something happened with my kids daycare and I felt the need to withdraw him immediately. It has worked out for the best, as he's started a fantastic new daycare with amazing teachers who actually care about the kids. However it's less days, which means less time for me to write. But you know what? That's okay. Because he is more important.

3. I really, really miss coffee. And wine. You just... have no idea. My amazingly supportive co-author Caitlin had to deal with me in those early days of caffeine withdrawal and let me tell you now, that shit was not pretty.

4. My office chair fucking sucks dick and it's not going to cut it when I get bigger. Anyone have better suggestions for me? I tried using my laptop in bed and ended up with a nearly broken nose... so yeah.

5. Reverse Harem is not my forever niche. I have dipped my toes into some different pools here and there, but ultimately I feel I'm an Urban Fantasy writer, and I want to really make my mark like some of the greats. Kim Harrison, Patricia Briggs... Jaymin Eve. So expect to see a non-RH series coming out of me at some stage soon! I can still promise a kickass heroine and plenty of love interests, I just wont be promising a Happily Ever After with all of them.

6. I have got so many things planned for this year, but I can't give you promises on when they'll release. So in the interest of my own sanity, I'll only be loading them for pre-order when they've been sent to editing. This means that there will likely be longer than 3 months between Book 5 and Book 6 of Kit's series.

So all that said, I do still have a lot that you can count on. Cruel Glamour and The Nine (both with CM Stunich) will still be out on April 1st and 18th, and The Crow's Murder on May 23rd. I apologise, but at this stage I don't see myself bringing that one out earlier like I usually do. I have Trials of Deception coming out September 24th and am aiming to release the extended version of Slopes of Sin by the end of November. The Alpha's Pack will be out before the baby comes, and a new series called the Alaracana Chronicles might launch this year too.

As well as all of that, CM and I will be finishing both Foxfire Burning and Wild Hunt MC trilogies and also have a really cool fairytale retelling in a box-set due out this November. Depending how things go, we might be launching a new series too!

In conclusion (feels like I'm writing a high school essay, right?) you won't be rid of me yet, but you'll have to forgive me for slower releases than I have set a precedence for, and a reduced online presence.

Thanks for reading, and stay foxy! xx

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Sep 27, 2018

I am sad for me; but happy for you. Rest well and enjoy the baby!


Jun 16, 2018

So I know my office chair wasn’t cutting it recently. So after much research I got a Serta office chair for big and tall with memory foam. I am not big or tall. It’s great for leaning back and typing on a wireless keyboard. Or sitting crisscross. Maybe that would help.


Jun 04, 2018

Congrats on baby numero two! Regarding your crappy work chair, there are a good selection of chairs that specialize in lumbar to cervical support. I would saw you might want to look for a lumbar support chair because of the pregnancy but I'm sure you sit in that chair while that brilliant mind is at work for hours so you probably want something that has good support for your entire spine. Although it is sadenning to hear there will be more wait time between each new release, I'm sure all your fans would agree that we would rather you not drill yourself into the ground over it. I LOVE your writing and will wait however long I need to read…


Mar 25, 2018

Congratulations!!!! As much as we all love getting new books so often, I think most of us are used to waiting much longer than 3 months between books. I can’t believe you’ve managed to do so many at once. We love you so we’ll be just fine waiting while you grow your tiny human. Please take care of yourself.


Mar 25, 2018

Congrats! I feel for you. I suffer from hypersomnia and although I take meds to help me stay awake they don’t do a very good job. It’s a constant battle to stay uptright. I’m very fortunate that I work from home designing and selling g vinyl decals, apparel, etc. but my tiredness constantly throws me off my schedule and it gets very frustrating having to fight constantly. Big sigh.,,

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