What the FAQ?

Frequently Asked Questions

I've ordered a signed copy. When will it arrive?

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all postal services are subject to some pretty hefty delays. While Tate and co. will try their utmost to get your books to you as quickly as possible, there is no way to guarantee a specific date at this time. Between travel restrictions, bio-lock and postal delays in general, it may take several months.

*Please be aware that Australia Post is not currently offering tracking services on international packages.

What does a signed copy "pre order" mean?

Orders will be placed through Tate's store BEFORE she can communicate numbers to the printer. The special covers are limited edition, and are only available on pre order.

Once orders are in, the store will be closed and all books will then be ordered, signed, packaged and posted by Tate. This process can take a few months (especially with current Covid-19 delays).

What does "Exclusive Print" mean?

Books with an "Exclusive Print" banner are available to purchase in limited edition cover options. These options are set to the series and are not interchangeable with any other series.

Limited Edition covers and series:

HOLOGRAPHIC COVERS - Kit Davenport, The Royal Trials, and Hijinks Harem

FOIL DETAILED COVERS - Madison Kate, Royals of Arbon Academy, and Dark Legacy
HARD COVER FOIL DETAILED - Arbon Academy, Dark Legacy and Madison Kate

What else comes in the **Exclusive Edition** Book Box?

It's a surprise! Order one and seeeeeeeee **diabolical laughter**

Will the merch items in my book box be super professional and factory made?

Hell no. Most of the merchandise items included in the book boxes are personally handmade by Tate, often with the help of her kids. These are NOT factory made products. They are NOT perfect. Flaws are to be expected, as Tate is in no way an expert crafter. If you are expecting mass-produced identical items, then please do NOT purchase a book box as you will be disappointed. Please be aware, no returns will be accepted on the basis that your merch has "extra personality" but if items are broken/unusable due to shipment mishandling, then we will do our very best to replace them.

Why is the shipping so hella expensive??

Because Tate lives in Australia, which is an island. Thus, all shipments outside of Australia need to go on planes across oceans, and with no other options available the shipping carriers take the piss and charge a fortune. Bastards. Due to some insane mishandling in previous shipments, resulting in thousands of dollars of replacement books and shipping costs, Tate will be only sending with courier services. UPS and StarTrack are her usual options. Couriers cost more than standard post, but they usually arrive a zillion times faster and (hopefully) in better condition. We know it costs a lot. There is nothing we can do about this.

The item/books I wanted are Out Of Stock! When will you have more?

**shrugs** maybe sometime next year? We have recently activated a "notify me when back in stock" option thing in the store. If you do that, then you'll get an automatic email when the stock is reloaded. But please, don't hold your breath. We only anticipate restocks once or twice a year.