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Volunteer kitten rescuer Margaret “Cleo” Carroll is having a monumentally crappy day. She was kicked out of her rental, her cat just died, and she’d rather stick rusty spoons in her eyes than beg help from her parents.
Her house-bus breaking down on the side of the road in Butt-Fuck-Nowhere is the last straw. So when three drool-worthy strangers offer her a deal that seems too good to be true, tequila is to blame for her accepting.
But once a deal is made in the name of magic, it cannot be undone. The consequences of reneging are severe, and Cleo has no desire to spend the rest of her days as a rodent. Especially not after her new travel companions show some claws of their own.
A girl with no idea who she really is, three men who are much more than they first appear, and an ancient goddess on a power trip.
All Cleo wanted to do was rescue some kittens.

**PLEASE NOTE: A portion of this story was published in the limited run charity anthology "Petting Them" but this is the extended, full version of Forgotten Gods Book 1 - Feral Magic.**

Forgotten Gods Series


Book 1: Feral Magic


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