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THE VALENSHEK LEGACY is a new series born from the Shadow Grove world. While some characters have been met in the existing MADISON KATE, HADES, AND THE GUILD series, their cameos were not crucial to the VALENSHEK LEGACY storyline. 



Every four years, the criminal underworld engages in a game. The Game. The challenges range from the impossible to the deadly to the truly insane. Things that only a crazy person would tackle.


I’ve won the game 5 times. This time will be no different.

I’m at the top of my field now, the best of the world’s thieves. There’s nothing I can’t steal, and this time, the game is all about theft, subterfuge, and sleight of hand. Starting with a legendary painting of poppy flowers.


It’s a painting that disappeared into the blackmarket decades ago, but I know where to find it. The only person standing in my way is her.


Nothing will stop me winning the game, not even the sultry, quick witted brunette who lures me into her painting studio with the most irresistible bait.


I have no option to fail at The Game. It’s my legacy.


The Valenshek Legacy.




HEIST is book ONE of THREE in the Valenshek Legacy series.

The Valenshek Legacy


Book 1: Heist


Waiting for the Valenshek Legacy Series?

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