Hades Series Exclusive Book Box 


Contains Hardcover books with Gold Foil detailing (this set matches the previously sold Madison Kate book box set) 

Also contains a whole bunch of other fun Hades inspired items. 


Many of the merchandise items have been handmade by Tate (sometimes with help from her kids) so small flaws are to be expected. If you are hoping to receive perfectly identical mass produced factory-made items, please do NOT order this box. 


We cannot make this clear enough. Returns and refunds won't be accepted for minor crafting imperfections, only if items are broken/unusable due to courier mishandling. 


NB: the box does not include the shoes, cocktail glass, and lingerie in the picture. Those are Tate's, for the sake of a pretty picture. Yes, those are Tate's knickers, she has no shame. 


Hades Exclusive Book Box Set

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